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What Your Cats Coat Tells You

Tuesday, December 15, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Did you know that there are 130,000 hairs per square inch in a cat’s coat? Cat hairs do many things.

> They give a cat sensory data.

> They protect your cat from heat and cold and wind and rain.

>They help your cat manufacture nutrients and vitamin D.

According to Web MD, if your cats coat is not shiny, it could be one of the following reasons:

Poor nutrition. For healthy hair, skin, and body, your cat needs a diet with a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, just like you do. And also just like you, if your cat eats nothing but poor quality food that is more difficult to digest, kitty may end up short on vital minerals and vitamins.
Weight problems. As many as 57% of U.S. cats are estimated to be overweight or obese. When some cats get fat, they stop being able to reach their whole bodies for cleaning. This can lead to a dull, unkempt coat.
Age. When cats get old they can become less flexible or arthritic. Then they just can’t twist and turn the way they used to, says Arnold Plotnick, MS, DVM, a veterinary internist and feline specialist in New York. So, age or pain could leave your normally fussy feline with a dull, bedraggled coat.
Bathing too often. In an effort to control dander or foil fleas, some people bathe their cat. Bathe kitty too much and you could be the cause of kitty’s bedraggled coat.

Groom your cat regularly. I brush my cats every day.  Brushes remove dead surface hair and  dander, It also helps distribute oil to keep your cats coat shiny. Many vets recommend bathing your cat. My take on that is that cats are really great at taking care of themselves. They usually don’t need bathing as it can dry out the skin and make the coat even more dull.

If your cat’s coat suddenly turns dull, it’s a good idea to have your vet check her out to rule out any serious illness.

Remember, your pets count!

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