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April 2024

Our New Visitor is a Feathered Friend

Monday, December 14, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

My partner Jim works at a Victorian Style hotel where there are birds in the lobby. One is a Conure and one is MaCaw. Since Jim is an avid animal lover, he loves taking care of the birds while on his shift.  Emro, the Conure was always thought to be a male…..until now. Last Thursday, Emro laid an egg! So there goes that theory. The problem is that the egg is not fertilized and sometimes hormonal conditions can cause these birds to lay eggs . An avian expert came by and determined that Emro will lay another egg and should be kept in a quiet place, undisturbed.  The hotel lobby attracts visitors that love playing with Emro while out of his cage. So Jim volunteered to take Emro home where he can care for him and  provide a more quiet environment for him.

Emro is with us now for a few days until all of her egg laying is over. She is comfortably in her cage in my radio studio near a big window. She seems very happy and content. Yesterday we woke up to find another egg at the bottom of her cage.

What about my cats, you must be thinking by now? Well we keep the door closed all the time in the studio so Emro is always safe. Our two older cats aren’t even curious. This may come with age but we are happy that they are not clawing at the door to studio to disrupt Emro’s peace and quiet.

We love our new visitor and she now has a “new hotel” to stay at if she ever needs to!

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