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December 2023

Protecting Your Tree from Kitty

Thursday, December 10, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Our Tree has been up and it was a pretty straightforward task . Both of our cats are older and really don’t pay any attention except for a little sniffing here and there. They both like to sit under the tree but never disrupt anything. Years ago when we adopted Millie, I found her peering out the top of the tree when I was having my morning coffee. Luckily, she very delicately climbed down without disturbing a single ornament.

All plastic ornaments are placed at the bottom of the tree.

Cats hate citrus scents, so another trick to prevent your cat from climbing the tree is to make a DIY cat repellent. Peel some oranges or lemons, put the rinds in an old sock, tie it shut and place it near the tree base. Or tuck it inside the tree in a hidden spot.

If this doesn’t deter the cats, consider adding a few drops of citrus essential oils like citronella, orange or lemongrass to a squirt bottle filled with water. Spray the tree to keep your furry friend away.

If you have a new cat, keep a close eye on him. There are products that you can spray around your tree to keep you new kitty away.

Go slow and don’t get too loud when correcting him.

Good luck and have a happy holiday!

Remember, your pets count!

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