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Instead of Texting and Getting Disgusted with the Posts on Social Media, Adopt an Older Pet

Tuesday, December 8, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Local animal shelters are filled with cats and dogs abandoned due to various reasons. It really bothers me how many people got rid of their pets for financial reasons yet maintain an unlimited cellphone plan and mindlessly text all day! The fact is that many people will not adopt an older cat or dog for fear that it only has a few years to live. Remember cats can live as long as 20 years, so if you adopt a twelve year old cat and if it’s in good health, you can have eight good years with it. Giving a second chance to an abandoned older cat or dog is a very rewarding experience. Perhaps, during the holiday season we can bring in 2021 by  really helping the animal shelters and adopting a needy animal. If you cannot adopt a pet due to allergies or financial reasons, animal shelters could use old blankets, food or anything else that you can donate. Spend your money on cat toys or a pet carrier instead of  mindlessly texting and playing with social media  all day. Now that’s really making a difference!

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