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Enjoy Your Pets This Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 25, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

This holiday season is set to be very different than previous ones. The Coronavirus has changed almost everything in our lives including the way we celebrate the holidays. The CDC has recommended that we don’t travel or have large gatherings in out homes. Instead we should just spend the holiday with those we live with.  So many people will not be at the table this Thanksgiving and table settings will be much smaller. Some will have to spend the holiday alone.

Even though this year will consist of smaller gatherings, zoom calls with loved ones and maybe a smaller turkey, we can still give thanks to the things we have. One of those precious gifts are our pets. Each night when while my partner and I are watching TV while the fire place is on and our two cats are with us on our laps or sleeping next to us in our chairs, I’m thankful for the small family that we have. Our pets give us comfort, love and grounding.

So this Thanksgiving take heart that things will get better and enjoy the cozy time with our beloved pets who radiate love all the time! Happy Thanksgiving!

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