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Can Chronic Feline Kidney Disease be Reversed?

Wednesday, November 11, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Many older cats are prone to Chronic Renal Failure or CRF. As a cat ages, their kidneys become compromised. There is really no explanation why this happens to some cats an not others. It could be genetic, diet or a combination of both. I have two cats that are approximately the same age. My cat Atlantis has mild kidney disease as does show some symptoms like loss of weight, loss of appetite and vomiting,  yet my cat Millie doesn’t have this condition.  My previous cat Molly passed away from kidney disease a few years ago. I had Molly and Millie at the same time and fed them the same diet, Molliy came down with CRF at the age of 14 and Millie did not.

Is there anything that can be done to reverse this condition? The answer is no but there is some positive news. The disease can be slowed. How? you may ask. Some vets recommend various treatments, like hydration therapy and renal diets. I would always recommend adding Astro’s Oil products to your cats daily regimen.

I remember that I would do anything to preserve my beloved cat Molly’s life. One day, I was meeting someone at the beach and got there early. I sat in my car and tried to look up something, anything that would help Molly with this serious condition. I came across a page that recommended Astro’s Oil. I immediately went to the website and read the story behind this product. A doctor developed it for his cat, Astro who was suffering from Chronic Renal Failure. The results were remarkable!  Astro gained weight, his appetite increased and he was returning to his “old self.” I decided to purchase Astros Oil for my cat Molly. After administering Astro’s Oil for about a week, I noticed a change. Molly began eating more regularly, she started to gain some weight, her coat became more shiny and she seemed more active. I continued giving Molly Astro’s oil for the next five years. I never switched her diet to a renal diet (many cats don’t like it) and I was able to enjoy five more quality years with my cat Molly.

We’ve spoken about kidney disease many times. I recommend that as your cat ages, pay close attention to your cats appetite, coat, weight and overall health. If you notice any changes get her to a vet and start adding Astro’s Oil. You can read all about the benefits of this product by going to their website: I think you will be pleased with the results.

Remember, your pets count!

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