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September 2023

A Moisture Maven

Tuesday, November 3, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

My fussy cat Atlantis, loves to suck up the moisture in his wet food rather than eat the food itself. So what if there isn’t enough moisture in your cats food? What I do is add a cat broth to his food and so far this seems to be acceptable to him. Some experts would say to leave his wet food and he will eventually eat it. He usually does but being that Atlantis has conditions like hyperthyroidisn and kidney disease, it’s essential that he eats properly so I spoil him and give himĀ  the extra moisture that he craves everyday.

This does get expensive because you’re not only buying cat food but also adding cat broths or liquid treats to his diet. Don’t use regular broth since they’re high in sodium. You may consider a low sodium chicken or beef broth. I use Tiki Cat gravy treats. The ingredients areĀ  natural and these treats are tasty so Atlantis loves them.

Whatever the case, be prepared to dig deeper when buying cat food!

Remember, your pets count!

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