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September 2023

Calming an Overactive Dog

Monday, November 2, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

 If your dog is hyperactive, it’s probably due to boredom.

Here are some simple techniques you can try at home to calm your hyperactive dog. I know this is difficult to hear but you should ignore the hyperactivity behavior. If you constantly pay attention to this behavior pattern, you will be reinforcing this behavior. The next time you walk through the door, and your dog jumps, nips and goes crazy on you, ignore him. No touching, no talking to him and no eye contact until he calms down.  You might me surprised on how quickly your dog settles down.

You can redirect his energy by taking him for a walk. It’s great exercise for you and your pet. This will tire him out and calm him down.  Give him a job to do so he doesn’t dash toward a squirrel or bird. Let him carry a small backpack with items like a water bottle or some other small items in it. He will concentrate on carrying this and spend less time worrying about catching that squirrel.  In this case, you are redirecting his hyperactive energy elsewhere.

Remember, your pets count!

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