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June 2023

Music Can Ease A Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Saturday, October 31, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Music can be very useful in cases of separation anxiety.  Put on music about twenty minutes before you leave. This gives your dog time to soak in the musical rhythms and hopefully make him feel calm and content. Music sure that the volume is low but low enough to mask external sounds.  Once your dog is relaxed, leave for a very short time, two or three minutes at first. Leave quietly and don’t make any fuss. You want your dog to remain peaceful and quiet.  The music should keep your dog calm for that period of time. You can now gradually increase the time that you’re gone but continue to keep the music on. If you are playing a CD or a smart device make sure the music is beautiful and peaceful. Put it on repeat an don’t worry about your dog getting bored with it. Hopefully,over time, you should see an improvement in his separation anxiety.

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