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Ways to Keep an Outdoor Cat Safe During Winter

Tuesday, October 20, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

If you care for cats that are strays and stay outdoors, you probably worry about them in the cold, winter months. Here are some tips in keeping an outdoor or stray cat safe in the winter.

  • Build an out door shelter and feeding station. Shelters are easy to build  According to Feline Rescue Inc, here are some simple instructions on how to build one.
  • The shelter should be elevated off the ground and placed  in a quiet, unobtrusive area with a minimal amount of traffic. A good-sized shelter offers a space just big enough for three to five cats to huddle. The door should be no more than  six to eight inches wide to keep out wildlife and larger predators. Install a flap on the door to keep out snow and wind.Insulate the shelter against moisture as well as cold! Straw resists the wet and keeps a shelter warm, and is the   best  choice for insulation and bedding. Blankets are not a good idea, as they absorb moisture like a sponge.    In addition to a shelter, you can build a simple feeding station with a roof and sides to protect cats from the elements while they eat.
  • Keep wet food in an insulted containers to keep it  from freezing. Cats can digest wet food better in the winter.
  • Provide a covered litter box in or near the shelter.


Little things that you do can go a long way and protect our outdoor friends.

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Remember, your pets count.

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