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“Come” One of The Most Important Commands

Tuesday, October 6, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

You get a new puppy and seemed overwhelmed and are trying to decide what command to teach him first. The “come” command in my opinion is one of the most important. So what is the best way to teach this command? outlines an effective way to teach this command.

Coming when called is an essential skill for a well-trained dog, and it’s often the easiest command to teach. Stand a few feet away from your dog, and, in a pleasant voice, say, “Come, Fido” or “Come here, boy.” Reward correct behavior with praise or a treat. Gradually build up to longer distances and make sure the dog will obey even without a food reward.

This command is especially helpful if your dog slips his leash or dashes out the open front door into the yard or the street. It’s the most important command for ensuring your pet’s safety.

Eventually try to practice this command even when a major distraction (another person, a cat, a squirrel, loud noises) is competing for your dog’s attention. If he comes to you even when his attention is drawn toward something else, you know he has reliably learned this command.

Remember, your pets count!

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