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April 2024

Transdermal Medications for Cats

Sunday, October 4, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

It is difficult to get  of our furry friends to take a pill. You coax and coax and coax but still no luck. You can use a pill pocket, a tasty treat where you hide the pill inside. My cat Mollie was a smart one, she eventually knew that there was a pill in there so she would eat around the pill. I frequently found pills on the floor but the tasty pill pocket was gone.

So what can we do if our cat refuses to take a pill?  When my cat Atlantis got very sick at the beginning of this year and refused to take his medication, our vet recommended  transdermal medication. This medication comes in a plastic cylinder. It’s measured out by twisting the bottom of the cylinder twice. and just enough medication comes out in the form of a cream. The medication is applied by rubbing it in your cats ear. It’s quick and simple and very easy to administer.

There are some drawbacks. Usually this medication has to be made up at a pharmacy and lots of pharmacies don’t prepare it. It is also much more expensive. I’ve been giving Atlantis this medication but I must say it really hits your pocket book! Check with your vet and discuss the possibility of transdermal medication for your pet.

Remember, your pets count!

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