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Keep Your Kitty Litter Clean

Thursday, October 1, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Keeping your kitty litter clean is essential for sanitary reasons and health reasons. Cats are clean creatures and may not venture into a dirty litter box. Kitty litter should be cleaned at least once a week and scooped every day. There are many different kinds of kitty litter. Personally, I prefer a brand named “The World’s Best Litter” because it’s flushable. You can scoop both poop and pee and flush it down the toilet. This keeps the litter cleaner longer.

When cleaning out the litter box, use hot water and a little dish detergent. Stay away from cleaners, bleach or ammonia as these can be toxic.

It’s best not to use anything scented in the box, or even in the same room as the box, since chemical smells, even the kinds of things that smell good to us, can repel cats and cause them to avoid the box or the room. Some scented products can be toxic for cats just through inhaling them in the indoor environment, so the best method is to neutralize and remove the odors rather than try to cover them up.

Finally, if you have more than one cat, many owners have found that having multiple litter boxes—one per cat—is the best method for preventing, or ending, turf wars. Likewise, if you live in a home with multiple levels, one litter box per level will make a big difference for a cat that has to go now.

Just don’t forget to clean all of the litter boxes in the house on a regular basis.

Thanks to Pet MD for providing some of this information.

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