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The Kitty Diner

Tuesday, September 15, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

We have two cats who have us wrapped around their paws. Our cat Atlantis is a beautiful Siamese/Himilayan and Millie is a sweet short haired cat. Both are about 15 years old. Atlantis came with a number of conditions like hyperthyroidism, beginning stage kidney disease and some gastrointestinal issues. I’ve been giving him a variety of high quality foods to see which are best for his sensitive digestive system. The problem is that he expects to be fed whenever he wants. Being that he’s used to a diet that has lots of variety, he sometimes decides that he doesn’t like a certain flavor anymore. I usually offer him another which better fits his preference. This has caused a demanding, fussy kitty. Every time I get up and go into the kitchen, he follows me expecting to be offered another selection from the “kitty diner.” His meows are almost comical! I usually give in and give him another pack of his favorite food. He is truly a spoiled kitty with a very good appetite. Every few days, I make another trip to the pet store to stock up on his favorite foods and treats. He is definitely breaking my bank! In our house, the kitties rule!

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