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December 2023

When is Your Long Haired Cat Pulling It’s Hair Out?

Wednesday, September 9, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

We have a beautiful, Siamese/Himalayan cat who’s about 15 years old.  Lately, we’ve been finding clumps of hair all over the house. Long hair cats have lots of matting and our cat Atlantis, right now is experiencing this condition. So why do long haired cats pull our their hair? The answer can be anything from allergy’s to stress. It can also be because they are trying to get rid of the clumps of hair caused by matting.

This condition is most common in cats older than 10. The coat in long-haired cat breeds may be unkempt and develop mats, according to the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. A cat pulling hair out may simply be trying to groom the mats in his coat and instead he may pull his hair out in chunks.

I believe that this is the case with Atlantis. If your Siamese/Himalayan is pulling out hair, have him examined by your vet to rule out allergies or other medical conditions. Your cat may need to be groomed to have the mats removed.

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