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It’s A Crime in Missouri to Claim an Untrained Dog as a Service Dog

Thursday, September 3, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Today it seems that people are using their dogs to get them special privileges at hotels, on planes etc. They are merely just say that their dog is s a service dog when in reality it is not. Missouri has just passed a bill stating that it is a crime to say that a dog is a service dog when it’s not. I hope more states adopt a law like this. Service dogs require special training and work in situations that help people with disabilities and to belittle this task and try to take advantage of the system is in my opinion a crime.

Here is the actual law that went into effect on August 28th. This information was taken from a story from KOAM New

Senate Bill 644 went into effect today (August 28th), and makes it a misdemeanor crime to knowingly represent a dog as a service dog if they haven’t been trained. That includes creating false documents or using a harness or vest commonly used on a service dog. The first offense would be a 15-day jail sentence and/or a $700 dollar fine. Subsequent offenses would be a 6-month jail sentence and/or a $1,000 fine.

“If the law doesn’t have any bit to it, then there’s no point in passing the law,” says Senator Bill White.

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