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April 2024

How Often Should Cats with Kidney Disease Visit the Vet?

Friday, August 21, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Our cat Atlantis got sick in January, he stopped eating, vomited, had frequent diarrhea and lost some weight. We took him to the vet quite often until things finally were under control. He was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and kidney disease. His symptoms did not improve after the first few visits. When he began to improve we were able to stop the frequent visits and schedule regular six month check ups.  After your cat is diagnosed with kidney disease, your visits to your vet will increase. If the cat’s illness is under control, you should schedule regular six month checkups. Blood tests will be run to determine whether or not the disease has advanced. His medication may be adjusted and of course his vital signs and weight will be checked. It’s important to stay on top of feline kidney disease.

Since the time of diagnosis, Atlantis has greatly improved. He gained over a pound, he has a robust appetite, he is alert and behaving like a “normal” cat. We are so pleased. Atlantis is on a medication to control his thyroid but is not on any prescription medication for his kidneys. So why the big change? I believe it’s a combination of things. The Methimazole  is controlling his thyroid but I believe that the Astro’s Oil products that I’m giving him are doing wonders to keep his condition under control. The major improvements are due to these products. I’ve been talking about Astro’s oil quite a bit. I started using on my cat Molly when she was diagnosed with kidney disease. The product gave Molly five extra years of a good quality life.

Astro’s oil products are all natural and were developed by a doctor in Canada. I will provide the link for you . You may also place an order using the link.  You will find the  interesting story of how Astro’s Oil was developed on the website.

Remember, your pets count!

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