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The Difference Between a Stray and Feral Cat

Sunday, August 16, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

There are several cats that come onto our porch for a meal. This morning, I opened the sliding glass door and walked out . A gray feral cat that usually comes to eat jumped off of our outside sofa. I tried to talk him into staying but as soon as I stepped outside he was gone. This is clearly a feral cat. Feral cats have never had contact with people and they probably never will. They will eat if food is left for them but will never eat while there is someone there. They eat in isolation and then leave. The cat that was out there today was there to get out of the rain. If you try to approach a feral cat, they will usually run away.

A stray cat a had previous owner and they were either abandoned or got lost. Stray cats are familiar with humans and can be friendly. Another cat in our neighborhood, sometimes stops by and rolls around in our driveway. He is friendly and lets me pet him and even pick him up. This cat can be an outdoor cat belonging to someone in the neighborhood or a cat that was abandoned. I’m thinking that it belongs to someone in the neighborhood.

We place a small dish of food and some water on our porch everyday. The ferals come around and enjoy their meal. Make sure you clean up the uneatenĀ  food at the end of the day or else you may hear those clumsy raccoons out there at night chowing down the leftovers!

Remember, your pets count.

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