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December 2023

Is Your Cat Sneezing More that Usual?

Saturday, August 15, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

All cats sneeze every now and then and it’s usually no cause for alarm. Frequent sneezing, especially when one sneeze follows another can be allergies. Some culprits to consider are pollen, dust mites, cigarette smoke or household cleaners.  Allergies can also cause a runny nose or eyes as well as a skin irritation. Always check with your vet to find out which pet medication would be best for helping kitty with her allergies.

If your cat is over 3, sneezes and has stinky breath, this could mean tooth trouble. Aside from being painful, gum disease and abscesses could pose serious threat to your cats health. Habitual sneezing with mucus in the nose and eyes could mean that your cat has a bacterial respiratory infection. Bacterial infections require a trip to the vet for an antibiotic. A viral infection like feline herpes will eventually run its course even though your cat will remain a carrier for life. Don’t worry, this disease doesn’t spread to humans.

Cats are also highly susceptible to rabies and can pass the disease on to humans. This is a concern if your cat is outdoors. A more common disease is cat scratch fever caused by a cat scratch or bite. This is the most common disease that’s passed on the humans.

Remember, your pets count!

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