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February 2024

How Not to Use a Dog Crate

Friday, August 14, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

A crate should always be a positive experience for your dog. Some people use the crate in the wrong way and create a negative experience for their dog.  Bad crating occurs when the crate is over used or is misused.  Some people want their dog out of the way so they “throw” then in their dog crate. These people should not own a dog.  Crating a dog for eight hours while you’re at work or overnight is fine as long as the dog is given plenty or attention and exercise when you’re home.  People who crate their dog for longer periods must question why they got a dog in the first place.  It’s fine to send a child to his room if he has done something wrong. Dogs do not take to this kind of discipline in the same way. If your dog chews something that he is not supposed to and you “throw” him in his crate to punish him, you are not only punishing the dog but you are punishing yourself. The dog will NEVER want to go in his crate because you created such as bad experience for him. NEVER USE THE CRATE FOR PUNISHMENT!! You’ll be sorry if you do. Remember, dogs live in the moment, so you must catch in in the act of doing something wrong and correct him in the right way.

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