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Needy Felines

Monday, August 10, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Cats are usually independent creatures that are fairly easy to care for that is if they don’t have any medical conditions or are not spoiled like mine. Let me clarify, our two cats Millie and Atlantis are like our babies. My partner and I have no children and no family living near us. Our two cats receive basically all of our attention. The Coronavirus pandemic has increased their need for us to be around. Each of them has carved out the structure of their little lives. I get up at the same time to feed them. I must give Millie the same food as Atlantis but I have to put the small bowl of wet food on top of her cat scratching post because Atlantis will quickly devour it.

Millie also wants to be brushed daily at a certain time each day when I get finished with my shower. She there waiting by the door for me each day. Atlantis has hyperthyroidism and kidney disease so he requires different medications several times a day. In addition to prescribed medications, I give himĀ  natural products called Astro’s oil which is a combination of a powder mixed in with his food and a pipette distributing a liquid omega oil. His prescribed medications are transdermal that are applied inside his ears.

Each evening both cats expect snacks not just once but several times. They stand by their bowls and meow for more and because we’ve spoiled them so much, we usually comply. Atlantis loves to snuggle with us at night. He goes back and forth between my partner and myself to get his share of love and affection.

We feel that leaving them alone will really have an affect on them. We are basically home bodies who stay close to care for them.

Check out the wonderful naturalĀ  Astros Oil products for kidney disease, I’ve been using them for years and swear by them.

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