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April 2024

How Astro’s Oil Product Works to Help With Feline Kidney Disease

Thursday, July 2, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

I’ve been promoting Astro’s Oil products for quite some time now and if it didn’t help, you wouldn’t hear about it. Actually administering these products have helped both of my furry friends very much. My cat Molly, had advanced kidney disease and I believe that Astro’s Oil gave me five more good years with her. Atlantis our current little friend is taking these products. He was diagnosed with beginning stages of kidney disease and has gained weight and seems to be doing so much better. He’s eating well, and has become is usual vocal, needy self. So how do Astro’s Oil products actually work?

Astro’s Oil Advanced Renal Care Formula, Nitrogen-Creatinine Scrub and Renal Care Protein work synergistically to give the most therapeutically potent treatment. The Advanced Renal Care Formula actively treats kidney pathology by interfering with the inflammatory mechanism that propagates the disease. The Nitrogen-Creatinine Scrub uses the digestive tract to help clear excess metabolic toxins (nitrogen + creatinine) from the system helping to take some of the burden off the kidneys. The Phosphate Free Renal Care Protein helps in a number of ways, it helps stave off metabolic acidosis by maintaining optimal amounts of essential amino acids in the serum as well as providing very low molecular weight amino acid building blocks for protein metabolism without introducing metabolic waste.

If your cat has kidney disease, I would still recommend a Vets care but I would also recommend adding these wonderful products to his daily regimen.

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