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December 2023

A Raised Slanted Cat Bowl?

Saturday, June 20, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

I saw a product the other day that interests me. It was a cat bowl that is elevated and sits on a swivel and can be adjusted. The bowl can be tilted up or down to make it more convenient for your cat. The fact that caught my attention is that when a cat eats from this bowl, digestion is easier because the bowl is raised and when tilted, the food can be ingested easier. A cat has to stoop down and kind of scoop up their food when the bowl is flat on the floor. I have not tried this product but will look into it. Our cats are frequently vomiting and Atlantis has digestive issues. Here’s a description of this product.

Raised bowls are not necessarily slanted bowls. Raised bowls are simply taller, made to accommodate a pet’s height. Slanted bowls are titled forward, which makes it a lot easier for dogs and cats to reach their food.They are especially good for flat-faced pets like Pug dogs and Persian cats. A slanted bowl is characterized by:

  • Its tilt forward, usually about 15 to 20 degrees.
  • It is generally curved inside and has no inside corners where food tends to get stuck.
  • Its shape allows food to drop low in the bowl so it’s most accessible to your pet.
  • It works exceptionally well for dry food, like kibble, but wet food is more accessible with the stand-up bowl as well.
  • And it is wide enough to free your pets whiskers from rubbing against the side of the bowl, as cats, especially, can suffer whisker stress.

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