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Stage 4 or End Stage Kidney Disease in Cats

Tuesday, June 16, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

We’ve discussed feline kidney disease in detail over the past several months but outside of a blood test, how do we know that our beloved pet is in the last stages of kidney disease?  Kidney disease is really never curable but with the proper care, you can extend your cats life by many years.  End stage renal disease is when your cats kidneys begin functioning below 15 percent. Laboratory testing reveals creatinine levels above 6.0, usually accompanied by elevated phosphorous levels.

As a pet owner, what are the signs that our beloved pet is entering the final stages of kidney disease?  Your pet will experience  more weight loss, extreme nausea, lethargy and sometimes refusal to eat. Unfortunately, your cat will probably only live a few months after entering stage 4 kidney disease. Treatment by IV fluids may help to reduce nausea and decrease creatinine levels. I would also continue the use of natural products such as a high potency omega oil, kidney scrubs and renal care protein to help sustain a quality of life an slow progression of the disease.

My cat Atlantis has kidney disease but at this point it’s at it’s beginning stages. I swear by Astro’s Oil products. I use the Omega oil, the kidney scrub and renal care protein. Atlantis is more active, eating well, he loves sitting with us and purrs contently while being pet and is also gaining weight. Since we adopted him in a later stage of his life, we hope to have him around for a long time to come. Astro’s Oil will be part of his heath regimen for the rest of his life.  If your vet recommends treatment for your cat during his struggle with kidney disease, I would follow the treatment plan prescribed but also I would also include Astro’s oil products. I swear by them and you’ll surely see a difference.

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