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March 2024

Protecting Your Pets During The Cornavirus-Something You May not Have Thought of

Wednesday, June 3, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Every time I go to a store or even for a walk, I come home and mindlessly go to the cabinet and get the sanitizer or the bleach. I spray the door knobs, surfaces even the bottom of my shoes. Sometimes after I get finished sanitizing everything in sight, I actually feel a slight pain in my chest. It’s not from working, or walking, It’s the bleach and sanitizer that I’ve inhaled.

So what about our pets? Cats continually clean themselves. They lick their paws that could be picking up that sanitizer that was sprayed all around the house. Just like me, they could have also inhaled those products.

This is not written to suggest that you stop protecting yourself or your family, it’s written to raise awareness that our pets could be harmed if we don’t take precaution. I would suggest, only sanitize things that were touched, like door knobs, surfaces, handles and faucets. Spray into a cloth not in the air and don’t over do it. Always store cleaning and sanitizing products in a secure cabinet. It is now being said that Coronavirus is spread primarily through droplets an not so much on surfaces.

It’s still very important that we continue to protect ourselves, but while doing so, think of your pets and take precautions

Remember, your pets count!

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