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Prolonging Life in Cats with Kidney Disease

Friday, May 22, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

When kidney disease strikes your feline friend, their owners are faced with fear and dread. Since kidney disease is usually fatal, there are some things that could prolong life and improve the quality of life for your kitty. So what does your vet recommend?

Depending upon your cat’s individual needs, your veterinarian may recommend electrolyte supplements, a low-protein kidney diet, anti-nausea medications, steroid treatments or appetite stimulants. The goal of treatment for cats in Stage III kidney disease is to prolong life while maintaining quality of life.

The problem with low-protein kidneys is cats don’t usually like the food and cats also need their protein. So being that my cat Molly had kidney disease and now Atlantis has beginning stages of the disease what did I do?  With Atlantis I still give him an appetite stimulant although his appetite seems to be fine now. When he was first diagnosed, I gave him anti nausea medication but since he’s improved, I no longer need to administer this to him.  He’s fed a high quality food and I will not resort to a renal diet.

Astro at Diagnosis

The most important step that I took is getting him on a high quality omega oil. I mentioned this in a previous blog. It’s called Astro’s oil and Atlantis gets 1.5 ml per day. A few days after I started administering this,  I noticed a real return to normalcy. I swear by this and Astro’s Oil will be part of his daily regiment for the rest of his life. Astro’s oil was named after a Doctors cat who had kidney disease. A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are three picture of Astro. The first when he as first diagnosed, the second after three months on Astro’s oil and the third 16 months after starting Astro’s oil. Take a look and judge for yourself.


Astro 3 months after diagnosis






Astro 16 months after diagnosis



Next we’ll discuss some of the other products by the makers of Astro’s oil.

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