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April 2024

Administering Liquid Supplements or Medication to Our Feline Friends

Saturday, May 16, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Administering medication to cats can be a daunting task.  Every morning I give my cat Atlantis 1.5 ml of Astro’s Oil to help with his kidney function and overall health. Fortunately Atlantis is such a good, trusting cat that I can easily accomplish this task.  Liquid medication can be administered orally or mixed in with your cat’s food. Since Atlantis is a very easy going cat, I lift him up and put him on the kitchen counter. I prepare the pipette with the liquid before placing him on the counter. I gently press the pipette on the side of his mouth and when he opens it I squeeze the medication out of the pipette. It’s done in a second and Atlantis is the dream cat to work with. Unfortunately, lots of cats will do anything to get out of taking there medication.

Some cats will require a towel placed around them and a firm grip so they don’t scratch or try to escape. Gently try to quickly open their mouth by placing you fingers on the sides and apply slight pressure. As soon as you can get  the pipette in, quickly squeeze the pipette and administer the medication. This can be frustrating and may require a second person to hold the cat.

The third method is to mix the medication in with your cat’s wet food. The problem I found with this method is that cats can easily detect that something has been added to their food and may not eat it. This was the case with my first cat Molly. It was difficult to get her to take the entire dose of the medication. Eventually she got used to it being in her food and it wasn’t much of a problem.

Whichever  method you choose, keep persisting and when you develop a plan, stick to it.  Good luck!

Remember, your pets count!

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