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Dogs Should Be Kept on a Leash in Public

Thursday, May 14, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

The other day I heard a brawl down the street. I went out and say three dogs growling and they seemed to be attacking each other. One dog got off of his leash. I believe it may have been an accident but this prompted me to re-post this.

Always walk your dog on his dog leash. In doing so, you re being a kind and considerate neighbor. I know that your neighbors would not appreciate your dog digging holes in their yard, stepping on their newly planted flowers or relieving himself on their front steps.  Not having a dog on a leash poses a threat to everyone. Your dog could  jump on a little child and injured him, he could attack another pet or another pet could attack and injure him. If he is running free, he could be hit by a car, eat grass containing fresh pesticides that could harm or even kill him. There are too may things to mention. Yet, I still see dogs off of their leash. Be a responsible pet owner and be considerate of others. Keep your pet out of danger and always walk him on his dog leash. There is no reason to keep him off his leash unless you are in a dog run area.

Remember, your pets count!

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