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March 2024

Alternative Treatment For Feline Kidney Disease When The Norm is Not Good Enough!

Tuesday, May 5, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

We’ve been following our cat Atlantis and his health problems including the beginning stages of Kidney disease. Kidney disease is fairly common in older cats and is usually not curable. Our former cat Molly had more advanced kidney disease and a renal diet was recommended. Renal diets contain lower amounts of phosphorus and protein. Most cats don’t like it and Molly refused to eat it. Cats need protein and in my opinion a cat with kidney disease that is on a renal diet and is given subcutaneous hydration may live longer but the quality of their life won’t improve that much. So I asked the question is it worth it? I needed something else and after spending hours on the internet researching kidney disease, I came across Astro’s oil and the story of how a doctor developed a promising new formula for his failing cat Astro who had advanced kidney disease. Here’s an except from the doctor’s testimony.

I had discovered some very promising research on feline and canine CRF, cellular metabolism and free radical neutralization. The challenge was to combine the results of this diverse research into a formula designed to arrest, and hopefully reverse the progression of his CRF. The formula would be prepared as soon as all the ingredients could procured, however, we first needed to buy some time. For Astro that meant hydration and nutrition.

Sometimes we need to go beyond the norm to seek answers that will improve our pets health. The traditional treatments given here in the United States for feline renal failure just were not good enough for me. So did Astro’s Oil work?

More to come!

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