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Coronavirus Creates Spoiled Pets

Monday, May 4, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

We’ve been sheltering in place for about 7 weeks now. That means our feline family Atlantis and Millie have had the pleasure of us being here for them all the time. During this time, they have been able to calculate our every move. My partner and I are both overprotective parents who love to spoil our little balls of fur.  We are now at their command.

Millie knows the time I get up in the morning so if I’m a few minutes late, she will sit by our bedroom door and meow telling me that I’m late and must get up and feed her.  I always find Atlantis sitting by the cabinet that contains his food every morning. As soon as I walk in, I get a big ” good morning, feed me meow!

Millie knows the approximate time that I take a shower since  I now take one at about the same time every day. She loves to be brushed when I get out of the shower. If I don’t go into the shower at the time she expects,  she comes to get me and runs down the hall to the bathroom signalling that I’m late for my shower.

We’ve spoiled both Millie and Atlantis with treats but now that we’ve been home, they demand them!  Last night while I was making dinner, I had both Atlantis and Millie at my feet meowing and meowing loud telling me that it was time for their treats. They didn’t stop until I gave in. It doesn’t stop there, during the night they meow for more treats periodically throughout the evening and we always give in spoiling them even more.  They are two spoiled but very loved felines!

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