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October 2023

Act Quickly When Pet Symptoms Worsen

Wednesday, April 22, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

We are continuing our journey with our pet cat Atlantis and his health issues which began to develop shortly after he was adopted.  I was concerned that Atlantis seemed to be losing weight and noticed some diarrhea and increased urination. He didn’t seem to be ill and his vocal personality was still in full swing.

In January of this year, things quickly got worse and very concerning. Suddenly, I noticed Atlantis sleeping in a bed tucked in the corner of my home office. He preferred to remain isolated and his bubbly personality seemed to vanish. At this time his appetite diminished and he became constipated. It became very clear that Atlantis was not well.

I contacted our vet and set up an appointment. When I took Atlantis in,  he was given an overall examination and a blood test. I nervously sat in the waiting room and became anxious to hear the results. My suspicions were confirmed. Atlantis has kidney disease and hyperthyroidism. My vet indicated that she thought the kidney disease reading would drop when the thyroid is under control.

We were send home with a prescription for Methimazole for his Thyroid and some Laxatone to get things moving through his digestive system. For some reason, I still felt a little pessimistic after the visit to the vet. I always go with my emotions and usually I’m right. So were my feelings valid? Stay tuned.

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