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December 2023

Shedding Season for the Siamese/Himalayan Cat

Monday, April 20, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

I wake up each morning and find little cotton balls all over the place. My new ritual is to walk around and pick them all up and walk to the trash to dispose of them. Our cat Atlantis is shedding and shedding a lot! He’s a beautiful Siamese/ Himalayan and has a very long thick coat. So is it normal for a cat to shed so much? The answer is “yes”. Himalayan cats shed. Normally, the cats’ shedding season is during spring and summer. During fall and winter they grow new coats. They tend to grow hair more rapidly during the cold season to protect them from the cold temperatures. Shedding in summer prepares the cat for the hot season.

If you own a Himalayan, be prepared for heavy shedding during the Spring and Summer. I might add that Atlantis grooms a lot and I find hair hanging out of his mouth all the time. I always make sure that I give him a dose of hairball medication each day to prevent hairballs and blockage.

Make sure you brush your cat on a daily basis especially during shedding season.

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