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March 2024

One Piece of Good News – Pet Fostering and Adoption is Up

Saturday, April 11, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

A shelter in New Jersey normally would get 1 to 2 pets into foster homes per day, as soon as the Coronavirus took over our lives, that amount rose to 50 per day. Many people have the intent to save a pet but in these days, the pet  actually saves the owner or foster parent. While we are cooped up indoors we ask the question “would you rather”

Would you rather: be locked in your home, utterly alone, posting meaningless material on social media in the hopes that your neighbors will see it as a cry for help or react to it?  Or holding a soft, warm newborn kitten in your arms while watching your favorite show on TV.

Would you rather: run your hand over a cooling stove top to try to remember the warmth of human touch? Or feel the velvet like  sensation of a dog’s floppy ear between your thumb and forefinger.

Pets uplift your spirits, add so much love in these troubled times and also give their new owners more purpose. Our furry friends are known to lower our blood pressure and get us exercising more by daily walks and playtime activities.

In these days, a glimmer of hope is sometimes hard to come by but the fact that so many more pets are getting forever homes is a fact we can cherish. Many people who before this outbreak would never consider adopting a pet  have “joined the herd” of pet lovers so to speak. Lets hope that this trend continues after this pandemic is over.

We’ll get through this but many will come through with a new addition to their family!

Remember, your pets count!

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