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October 2023

What is the Dosage of CBD Oil For Pets

Thursday, April 9, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

The first thing I would say regarding this topic is to speak with your vet before administering CBD oil to your pets. Dosage is important and should be determined before administering CBD. has put together some guidelines regarding dosing your pets.

When it comes to dosing CBD in humans, the situation is complicated for a variety of reasons. Primarily, CBD is what is known as a biphasic compound – meaning that is has drastically different effects at low doses versus at high doses.

The bottom line is that more CBD is not always better. In the case of severe issues like seizures, higher doses appear to be most effective. However, with something like anxiety, a low-to-medium dose will likely serve your pet much more effectively.

Here are some general guidelines for giving your pet CBD oil:

First, consult with your veterinarian to ensure that CBD won’t interfere with your pet’s current medications or health conditions.

If all is good, start with 1mg of CBD per every 10 lbs. of an animal’s body weight, once or twice a day.

Generally, it’s good to start small, and gradually increase the amount of CBD every week until you see your desired benefits.

Stay with your pet for several hours after giving them CBD to ensure they are okay.

CBD is itself non-toxic, and so the most important thing to keep in mind is that “overdosing” on CBD will not result in fatalities. The most commonly reported side-effects for CBD in animals are sedation and over-active appetites.

Where issues usually arise is in contaminated products – that is, products that have high levels of contaminants like heavy metals, residual solvents, and other byproducts of cheap and hasty CBD extraction. The FDA has warned that pet owners should be cautious when it comes to purchasing and using medical cannabis. So don’t be afraid to request current third-party lab test results from CBD pet product vendors! Reputable companies will happily provide them. (Or, of course, you can always refer to CBD Oil Review for up-to-date reviews and research!)

Remember, your pets count!

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