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December 2023

Question, Can Dogs Pick up Coronavirus on Their Paws?

Tuesday, April 7, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

We have so many questions regarding the spreading of Coronavirus. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming! Are we doing enough? Are we doing too much?  The American Animal Association answers the question regarding Dogs picking up the virus on their paws. This answer is indicative of New York. So you can determine the right answer for you depending on where you live.

Does the virus stay on the pavement in streets for some time? And if so, should I wash my dogs paws and take my shoes off before entering my apartment? And the second question is, do we need to worry about our pets tracking the virus into the homes? Is wiping my pets enough?

So from a strict hygiene point of view, cleaning your dog’s paws after they’ve walked the streets of Manhattan and cleaning your shoes or taking your shoes off before you come inside, just makes good common hygiene sense. I do know that the virus has been identified on the shoes of healthcare workers taking care of people who are in the hospital with the COVID-19 virus, but that’s completely different exposure than taking your dog for a walk where they’re not lots of people who are really sick walking the streets of New York. So the answer to this question is, we don’t have an answer because we don’t really know enough about the virus in our environment to know if walking on the streets is of any risk to bringing the virus home to family members.

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