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September 2023

Protecting Ourselves and Our Pets During the Covid 19 Crisis

Sunday, April 5, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

If you own a cat that doesn’t go outside, you really don’t have to do much to protect yourself from contracting Covid 19. Since pets cannot transmit the virus to humans, we cannot get the virus from pets licking or breathing on us. However, even if you have an indoor cat, always wash your hands as soon as you get home before you pet your feline friend.

Dogs, on the other hand require a little more care for protection.

First, try to stay at home with your pets, reduce the time and frequency for walks. For active pets like dogs, if you need to walk them, be sure to wear your face mask and do not go to public places like parks. When you are out, keep your dog away from trash and stray animals in case they might carry virus.

Second, clean your pet using 75 percent isopropyl alcohol after going home. Remember to wipe their feet and belly, and spray their fur. After cleaning pets, wash your hands carefully.
Pets can provide us much comfort during this crisis. Lets all make sure we are safe and take the proper precautions to protect ourselves and our pets.
Remember, your pets count!
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