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December 2023

As We Self Isolate, Our Pets Get More Spoiled

Wednesday, April 1, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Our two cats love the fact that we are home almost all of the time now. They get more hugs and even treats. As the days pass, they seem to know what to expect and the time something has to be done. Our cat Atlantis gets his medication every morning about the same time. It’s a complicated process. I put him on the counter, five him a hairball control product which he licks off of my finger. I then give him about 1.5 ML of a high potency omega oil. Then comes the ear cleaning. I swab his ears with baby wipes This is necessary to remove the buildup from medicine that goes into his ears everyday. The last part of the process is to apply medication for his thyroid inside his ear. This is a cream that goes in very easily.

At first, Atlantis would do anything to hide from this “dreaded” process but now he actually waits in the kitchen for me to lift him up, put him on the counter and administer his meds. It’s funny how they can get used to a steady routine even if it’s not a pleasant one.

Millie expects to be brushed as soon as I get out of the shower. She is sitting by the bathroom door waiting for me to get her brush out. She then jumps on the bed and waits for her daily brush.

One thing that is not so good is now they both expect more treats. Millie will wait by her bowl and meow for treats and as soon as I put some treats in the bowl, Atlantis who doesn’t miss a trick jumps up and starts meowing for his treats. This cycle goes on for several hours throughout the evening. I always give in to their habit and feel like a ” jumping jack” from getting up all the time.

Our pets provide us with lots of love and affection especially during this very difficult time.

Remember, your pets count!

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