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December 2023

Pets Calm Us in Stressful Times

Saturday, March 28, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Atlantis my stress reliever!We all have re-adjusted our lives due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Stress levels are up but in different ways. We used to worry about that project due at work or in my case  the kids in the class I’m subbing for. Will they drive me nuts?  That’s all changed in that things like the little tickle in your throat. Is it the start of Covid 19? Did I do enough sanitizing around the house today?  The sanitizing wipes are dwindling and I wonder if I’ll every see another pack again!

Today, I got up at the crack of dawn and ventured out in the pouring rain to see if I can get the things I need at our nearby Giant Supermarket. The first thing that pushes the stress button is that as I walk in I notice that there are no hand wipes. I new that this wasn’t going to be a fun shopping trip at all. I immediately go to the paper aisle only to find it completely empty—-nothing—- absolutely nothing!  I start talking out loud to myself spewing out some very choice words. The stress level is rising. I continue my journey and have difficultly finding almost everything. Every single sale item was gone! I’m about to explode!!  I’m forced to buy unhealthy items like chips, chop meat and hot dogs! At least they had some of those!  As I made my way to the self check out, I watched as the total amount kept climbing and climbing and climbing. I spent $55 more than I usually do and didn’t get much of anything that I really need. I’ve proved a new theory, no matter how early you go to the supermarket, they still have nothing! How long will this last? I can’t even imagine as the hoarding continues.

I made my way through the rain, took the bags out of the car and wiped, wiped wiped everything, counter tops, door knobs, sinks etc. I even wiped down some of the packages containing the food before I put it away. I then took a shower and washed the clothes I was wearing!  Crazy? maybe but in this uncertain world, we just don’t know.

Now I’m writing this blog and my little friend Atlantis is sitting with me as I write. I can feel the stress melt away. Thank goodness for my little friends Atlantis and Millie, they play a major role in reducing the stress in my life. I hope yours do the same for you!

Remember, your pets count!

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