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December 2022

How much exercise does your dog need? Should you buy a dog exercise pen?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

dog1Your schedule is hectic, you’ve worked an 11 hour day and now you come home and your dog is practically begging you to play with him. You must consider that while you were away, your dog was probably a little board and now is his time for him  to play. How much exercise does your dog need?  Not all dogs require the same amount of exercise. You may think that size matters. It may to some degree but breed is what matters  more when it comes to exercise.  If you own a Jack Russell Terrier, you probably know that if he is not even enough exercise, he will misbehave.  Small dogs frequently need more exercise that larger dogs but the good news is that they can exercise in the house or apartment. Keep his favorite toys available.  If you spend 15 minutes or more playing with him everyday, this should satisfy his exercise needs.  If you own a medium or large dog, a 45 min. to 1 hour walk in the park each day should meet his exercise requirements. Bring a frisbee to get him running a bit.  After you adopt your dog, you will know in a short time how much exercise he requires. You may want to consider a dog exercise pen. Most pens may be used indoors and outside.

Make sure that your dog gets enough exercise and avoid misbehavior and possibly damage to some of the valuable possessions in your home.

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