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March 2023

Cleaning Your Cats Ears

Sunday, March 1, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Most of the time, ear cleaning may not be necessary because cats are super groomers. Our cat Atlantis takes transdermal medication that is applied in his ears. A crust builds up from the medication and his ears require frequent cleaning (which he hates by the way). I use baby wipes or a damp cloth to clean the insides of his ears. If too much crust builds up, the medication won’t penetrate.

PetMD recommends the proper method to do a thorough cleaning of your cats ears.

How Do You Clean a Cat’s Ears?

It might take some practice if you’ve never cleaned your cat’s ears before, but luckily the process is pretty straightforward. Complete the following steps with cleaning solution and gauze close at hand:

  1. Start with pulling back the earflap gently and fill one ear canal with a cleaning solution recommended by your veterinarian.
  2. Massage the ear base for five to ten seconds, and then let your cat shake the solution out.
  3. Wrap gauze around your finger to clean excess liquid out of the ear canal; and don’t worry, your finger can’t go in far enough to cause damage, according to Cottrell.
  4. Repeat with the other ear.

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