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October 2023

Moody Cats

Saturday, February 29, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Some days we feel like a million bucks other days,we feel bummed out and want to be alone. Our cats are the same as us in this way. Sometimes my cat Millie comes around meowing and seems to be craving our attention and other times she keeps to herself although there is nothing physically wrong with her. Our cat Atlantis is usually a very social cat and loves to sit with us and be with us wherever we are. After he was diagnosed with some medical issues, he gets moody after I give him his meds. He’s ready to eat in the morning and I give him his food and let him enjoy it. After he’s done, I have to squirt a high potency omega 3 oil down his throat, I also have to rub some Laxotone gel on his teeth to keep him regular and finally I need to clean his ears and give him his thyroid medicine. It’s a thermo gel which I put in his ears. After all of this, you would get a little moody too. Atlantis retreats to his “quiet place” for awhile but he’ll be out and about after his mood passes.

Respect your cat’s moods and always give them lots of love. Never scold them it will  get them more upset. Tomorrow they’ll  be back to their “normal” self and will be craving all of your attention as usual.

Remember, your pets count!

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