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March 2023

Good News For Atlantis

Thursday, February 20, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

Over the past month or so our 15 year old cat Atlantis has been on a roller coaster. He was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and beginning stage kidney disease. He stopped eating for awhile, had diarrhea, then constipation, one thing after the other. He’s been back and forth to the vet about five times. I took him in yesterday so they can now check his thyroid again . I’m happy to report that his thyroid has returned to normal and surprisingly, his kidney function is now in the normal range. Atlantis is eating, peeing, pooping normally and getting back to his normal “talkative” self which we love.

I do have a regimen that I have to follow everyday but I don’t mind as long as our little boy is getting better. In the morning I give him Laxitone to make sure his stool moves through is system smoothly. I also five him 1.5ml of Astro’s oil, a high potency omega oil that supports kidney function. He gets medicine for his thyroid and an appetite stimulator. In the evening he gets his thyroid meds again and one quarter pill of Pepcid for stomach acid.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that his good progress continues.

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