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April 2024

Astro’s Oil for Kidney Care in Cats and Dogs – A Great Alternative Treatment!

Sunday, February 16, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

When my cat Molly came down with kidney disease, I searched all over for an effective treatment in addition to the medication that I received from the Vet. I wanted to slow the disease down and give Molly a better life for a longer period of time. I came across Astro’s oil and started ordering it on a regular basis. It seemed to really help Molly for a long time. I now have ordered it for Atlantis. I gave him is first dose today and of course he didn’t like a tiny syringe in his mouth but I hope the benefits out weight this little discomfort. I’ve included the story of how Astro’s oil came about. It’s ordered from Canada and you may obtain it from this website.

Here’s the story of Astro’s oil.

Over 12 years have passed since I first decided to share my best pal Astro’s story with the world. In 2006, when he was diagnosed with advanced kidney disease, I was told that there was little that could be done to prolong his life beyond a few extra months, or optimistically, a year or so with questionable quality of life. Unfortunately, to this day, this is still the standard prognosis many people will receive for their newly diagnosed chronic kidney failure pet.

The reasons are simple, the average treatment protocol still involves mostly the same handful of drugs that produce very mediocre results, commercial renal diets that provide reduced protein content which some studies have put into question as an optimal long term strategy, and fluid therapy in the form of IV’s or Sub-Q’s which can, if not administered correctly, add an unnecessary work-load to the kidneys.

I did not accept these limited treatment options and the dire prognosis offered Astro, and so, relying on my medical training and based on research I had conducted on systemic inflammation, I set about formulating a solution targeted at the root mechanisms of chronic kidney pathology.

Astro’s condition stabilized and his health began to improve with the administration of the formulation that was created for, and named after, him. It continued to improve, week by week and month to month. His recovery was dramatic, one might even say miraculous.

All these years later, the journey that Astro and I embarked on together has grown to encompass many thousands of people around the globe and their chronic kidney disease pets. His story touched and inspired many people who felt helpless as they watched their best friend suffer and waste away daily, to fight and win time and quality of life for their furry buddies rather than surrendering them to a “kind assisted passing”.

Building upon and investing in research focused on the concept of targeting the disease at its root, 2 new products have since been developed to work synergistically with Astro’s Oil™ Advanced Renal Care Formula to more effectively address kidney pathology. The feedback, as you can read in the testimonials page, has been overwhelmingly positive and the results impressive.

We invite you to join the thousands of people worldwide with kidney disease pets who have achieved superb results and trust us to help you achieve the best possible results for your pet as well. 

Edmond Marcovici MD



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