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The Roller Coaster Ride Continues

Saturday, February 15, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

My last post regarding my cat Atlantis was a positive one, this one isn’t so much. We were encouraged, Atlantis was improving and seemed to be returning to his normal self. Suddenly without any change in diet or medication he’s become withdrawn, not eating well, occasionally vomiting and seems to be constipated. This is very frustrating. I don’t want to poke and prod and make him uncomfortable but feel very guilty not doing anything. Anyone who knows me knows that I always need a backup plan. This time, I don’t have one. Atlantis was also gaining weight. So what happened?  He was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and beginning stage kidney disease. He is taking medication for hyperthyroidism. The causes of these digestive and withdrawal symptoms still have not been determined.

Right now Atlantis is in our back bedroom staying under a dresser. This is not a good sign and our vet seems to be missing the mark at this point.  We may need to seek out another vet as we feel we’re in limbo. In the meantime, the only thing we can do is continue his medication. He has an appointment on February 24 where they will do another blood test to check his thyroid. I may move that appointment up to early next week if I can.

This is both puzzling and very frustrating. In the past, we knew our previous pets condition and they were treated specifically for these conditions. The treatment worked for the most part and it became part of their daily routine for years. Now, we feel like we’re in the dark and I want to blame someone but who do I blame?

So we ask for your prayers for Atlantis since it seems that prayers will be the only effective comfort and treatment. It seems that his vet can’t get a handle on this!

Remember, your pets count!

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