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November 2023

Sometimes our pets get a “bad rap.”

Sunday, May 23, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

sad-dogToday’s Bergen Record, headline in the Real Estate Section.

Don’t Let Your Pets ruin the sale

I was immediately turned off by the headline but went ahead to read the article. The article basically said that by having pets in the home could cause problems with a sale of a house and the Realtor recommended  boarding them during the time that the property is up for sale. Some things that she said did make sense like:

  • Removing pet stains from furniture and runs.
  • vacuum thoroughly
  • Make sure that you pet name and characteristics are on the listing sheet.
  • Make plans to keep your pet in his crate or in a separate area of the house during showings
  • Remove odors if any exist.
  • Make sure that doors are not left open during showings if the owner is not home. When I sold my home, I discussed the fact that I had a cat. A big note was posted to the door telling the real estate agents and prospective buyers not to leave any doors left open and to close the door behind them.
  • If a dog is present, the owner must be home during the showings.
  • Keep dog , cat beds and accessories in the appropriate places, not in the middle of a room.

Pets are part of our families and a part of our lives. It takes months to sell a home and the comment about boarding your pets during this time is really being cruel to the animal. I realize that having children and pets could slow down the process a bit but hey, they are a part of our lives. If a Realtor insisted on me getting rid of my pets during the time that my house was up for sale, I would just find another Realtor. The Realtor also mentioned that you could include your pets as part of the sale!!!  I really think that this women does not like pets. Our pets are not like pieces of furniture and her insensitive remarks made me question her qualifications.  My feelings, if you take the time and prepare properly and have a plan for your children and pets during showings, your house will sell. If someone likes it, pets won’t turn them off and if they do, they would probably be very very difficult buyers who will drive you nuts during the process anyway.

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