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December 2023

Medical Emergency with Our Cat Atlantis

Thursday, January 2, 2020
posted by Jim Murphy

As we began the new year, I woke up to find our cat Atlantis vomiting, not eating and sort of listless. I also noticed that he had diarrhea. I immediately became concerned since he has fine the night before. HeĀ  usually has a very strong personality that was definitely dimmed yesterday. Since it was New Years day, our animal hospital was closed. They do have an 24 hour emergency service. At first, I called and made an appointment for this morning but later changed my mind and took him in for emergency care.

The first thing that the Veterinarian noticed is that Atlantis lost 1/2 pound since he was last seen about a month ago. This is a significant weight loss in a short period of time for a cat. She then suggested a complete panel of blood work. I agreed. We recently adopted Atlantis and we have no knowledge of his past medical history.

After about 1/2 hour, the doctor came in with the results. They weren’t as bad as I feared but the results did indicate what may be causing Atlantis’s illness.

All was normal except Atlantis TT4 which measures Thyroid function registered at 9.0 ug/dl, the normal range is 0.8 – 4.7. This indicated that Atlantis has hyperthyroidism. His liver and kidney function were slightly elevated. The doctor mentioned that she thinks that these levels will return to a normal range once the thyroid is controlled. A hyperactive thyroid can cause many conditions including weight loss and gastrointestinal issues. My previous cat Molly had seizures caused by her hyperthyroidism.

The doctor gave Atlantis a injection to help with his nausea and a prescription for Methimazole for his thyroid. I know that the thyroid can be easily controlled because I also have hyperthyroidism. If left uncontrolled, this disease can be fatal as it affects every organ in the body.

I’m very thankful that I made the decision to take Atlantis in immediately. He is now home, comfortable and doing much better. I always stress to my readers “pay attention to your pet.” Don’t shrug off any changes in their routine. Too many pet owners don’t pay enough attention and many pets are lost due to poor judgement.

Remember, your pets count!

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