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December 2023

No Facebook and Decision to “Unplug”

Thursday, December 12, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

As a child of the 50s 60s and 70s, I grew up learning to do the right thing. We learned to treat everyone kind, not be greedy, and mostly never lie. I’ve held these morals with me throughout my life. I truly dislike to see anyone discriminated against or mistreated. This also includes our furry friends.

I grew up playing outside with kids in the neighborhood, attending holiday events with my parents and attending church every week. I remember one time one of my friends began hanging around with the kids down the street rather than with me. This hurt very much since I didn’t like the kids down the street .  I offered to give my friend a toy robot that I got for Christmas in exchange for him not playing with the kids down the block anymore.

My parents found out about my calculated plan and quickly diffused the idea. They told me that I was bribing my friend. I asked them what’s “bribing” and they told me it’s when you offer something to someone in exchange for receiving something that you want  from them.My parents explained that my  friend should be free to hang around with whomever he wants.  Giving something to get something is a big “no no.” Does this sound familiar? I’m sure it does!

I always held on to the morals and ethics that my parents taught me. I deeply feel that I want to be a “good” person with a good spirit. I am spiritual and believe that the morals that we’re taught as I child are embedded deeply in our inner spirit.

My parents also taught me to get to school or work on time. If you’re late, you’re inconveniencing someone. I hold this to be true and in my 50 years of being in the workplace, I think that I may have been late five times! I remember sitting in terrible traffic in the Lincoln Tunnel for hours while going to work in Manhattan. There were no cell phones back then, I couldn’t call anyone to tell them I would be late. My stomach was churning, my heart was racing and I felt as though I would pass out. As soon as the bus finally pulled into the Port Authority Bus Terminal, I ran to the phone booth to call my office and tell them I would be late. I still felt sick and very guilty when I arrived at the office. Another time while working at WFAS Radio in White Plains, NY, we had an unexpected snow storm in the middle of the afternoon. My radio shift started at 7PM. I left 4pm for the 30 mile trek to the radio station. The snow and wind were blowing and I was crawling at 15 mph. The highways in Westchester County were closed and I was stuck on side streets and did not have a clue as to where I was going. As the hours passed, I stopped at every single gas station to call the station. Again, I was sick to my stomach. I arrived about 20 minutes late but sounded “off” the whole night because of my situation.

Unfortunately today, being late is considered “normal.” There’s no conscience anymore, no feeling that someone is waiting or worried, no accountability. We’ve become a cold, robotic society.

Our political climate disturbs me greatly. We were brought up in a middle class family. We didn’t have much but we valued the things we had. We  loved and valued the people in our lives. I’m seeing a shift in the morals and value in America. How anyone can support a President that defies the office of the President, constantly lies to the American people, coldly fires respected professionals that stand in the way of his agenda, mocks disabled people, puts children in cages, gives financial breaks to the rich, divides the very core of the country, and places our democracy in grave danger goes against the essence of who I am as an individual. It’s like an evil force trying to bring my spirit to it’s knees and you know what, It was succeeding…. until now.

Over the past several days, I’ve made some pretty drastic decisions. Given what I’ve told you, I cannot and will not associate with individuals who support this Administration. I know you’re probably thinking that everyone has the right to their own beliefs. This is true but  when I associate with anyone who supports pure evil,  I get a very sad, pathetic feeling inside me. My spirit is being attacked and no one attacks my spirit!  Over the past months, I’ve unfriended and blocked hundreds on facebook. I am pushing lies, deception and negativity far away. I feel that I cannot go on reading disturbing post after post. I find myself succumbing to this evil by attacking people who posts things that are completely against my morals and beliefs. I’m stooping as low as they are!

I will limit my use of Facebook to include posts about pets and my radio stations. These are two things in my life that I truly love. I’ll also concentrate on being around the people and pets I love. I enjoy my home and spending a quiet evening with my partner and cats brings me great joy and happiness.

So I say to you this holiday season, stay close to your loved ones including your beloved pets. Throw out the garbage — unplug and just get rid of it!

Remember your pets count!

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