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My Talkative Boy

Thursday, December 5, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

Our boy Atlantis

One thing a Siamese cat owner knows is that they love to talk …..a lot. My Siamese Himalayan “talks”‘ all the time. He meows when he’s hungry, he’ll meow when he’s bored, he’ll meow when we get home and most of all he’ll meow for attention. He is a very social creature and unlike our other cat loves to be around people. He’ll lie in the middle of the floor or on a chair in a room where there are many people while we’re entertaining. The noise and excitement doesn’t phase him in the least.

We love these qualities in our cat Atlantis. He shows so much love and affection that sometimes we mistake him for a dog! So if you don’t mind a vocal cat, a Siamese is a very smart, loving and dominant addition to your family. They can sometimes get a little jealous so we make sure that we show attention to both of our cats and make sure that one of them doesn’t feel left out.

Siamese cats also love it when you talk back to them. If there was a camera in my house. people would think that I’m a “crazy cat man.” I always answer Atlantis when he’s “talking.”

These are great qualities in our new little friend, we love him to death and are so glad that he’s now a part of our little family!

Remember, your pets count!

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