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January 2023

Some questions and answers about cats. You will find them sleeping in their cat bed for hours and hours.

Friday, May 21, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy


Do cats Dream?

Just like with humans, cats alternate between deep and light sleep at night. Dreaming does occur during the deep sleep phase. You can tell if your cat is dreaming by movement of his claws and paws. Sometimes they will twitch their whiskers. My cat makes a soft noise when she is dreaming. They will spend hours and hours in their cat bed purring and dreaming.

What can you tell from your cats tail?

When your cats tail is bent forward over his head, it means that is is feeling like “top cat.”  When it’s waved quietly side to side like a lady’s fan, the cat is contented.  Several quick flicks upward is a greeting to humans and other cats.

Why do cats sulk and stare?

You are very large in comparison to your cat. When you scold him, you are intimidating him. When you look down at him  to discipline him,  he is associating your stare with a rival.  They eyes of many animals are a signal of power. In comparison to other animals, a cats eyes are very large. In a hostile situation, a cat will stare at his rival. My older cat just has to stare at my younger one and my younger cat goes flying out of the room. This happens frequently. When your cat turns away after being disciplined, he isn’t ignoring you, he is surrendering.

Why are cats so curious?

Cats by nature are explorers and are constantly on the hunt not always for food but to satisfy his quest for the unknown.

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