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September 2023

Eating Outside with Your Best Friend At A Pet Friendly Establishment

Sunday, November 10, 2019
posted by Jim Murphy

Sometimes it’s convenient to take our best friends out to eat with us but many establishments do not allow pets. You can go to a drive through but will have to take your food home or eat in the car. Many restaurants do have outside dining but you need to make sure that your pooch is welcome. First, make sure you can access the outdoor seats without having to walk through the inside of the restaurant. Second, find a restaurant that does not serve food outside. It’s better to find sidewalk seating where your can buy your food inside and take it outdoors to eat. Always ask because even some of these places may not allow pets. When you do find that perfect place to dine with your dog, make sure that he follows good etiquette. Here are some guidelines.

Make sure your pooch is well-behaved around other people and especially children.

– Leash your four-legged friend and keep him or her from socializing with other diners or employees, unless welcomed.

– Try to keep your dog close to your table or chair so he or she is not in the waiter’s path. Dogs are not allowed on the chairs or tables.

– Bring your own doggie bowl or ask the waiter for a paper or plastic bowl or cup for water if necessary. Pets are not permitted to eat or drink out of restaurant glasses or dishes, unless they are disposable.

– Remember to tie your dog to your chair and not a table. A dog tied to a table can result in spilled drinks or food if he or she is strong enough to make the table move.

– Always call ahead or ask first to make sure an establishment allow dogs at their outdoor tables.

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